October 5th, 2017
The Latest and Greatest from Bad Dog Rodeo

Well the rodeo season is all but over now. Hope everyone had a successful season and even if you didn't, you got to spend another year in the game so at least be grateful for that!

We've had a great year ourselves and set some new records for the number of folks coming out here in one year, over 200!!! That's one liability sheet per person but that's over 800 bulls bucked so far this year! Our thanks to everyone that does come out here to get on. We know there are quite a few other places that are closer or have a different caliber of bull that you might like, but ya'll seem to keep coming back and we appreciate it!

We got a call from Rob Smetts the other day and he and Miles Hare are interested in doing a Bull Fighting School here around November 10th. Miles is working on the livestock for the school so we told them when they've got everything thing settled to let us know the specifics and we'd get it on the street for those that are interested. But that is the general date right now. 

Well that's it for now. Till we meet, or meet again,  ya'll be safe, ride hard and we'll see ya'll down the road!


Here at Bad Dog Rodeo we not only buy, sell and trade bucking bulls, we also provide a practice pen for for both new and seasoned bull riders to practice. In addition, we also encourage young and experienced bull fighters to come out and work their skills as far as "cowboy protection." We have folks like Stick McCall and Chris Hammack that have been in the bull riding industry for over 20 years so we have plenty of experience to help both bull riders and bull fighters.

For anyone looking to get started riding bulls, or looking for some extra help or just a diffrent practice pen, we buck the second and fourth Wednesday of each month and every Sunday, unless we post otherwise. We also have a "Buckrite" drop barrel and loaner gear for anyone that's just starting out. We do charge to use the Buckrite, just to cover maintenance, as it's on loan to us from Gary Leffew, but we don't charge to teach or use our loaner gear. 
If you'de like to keep up with what we're doing then "friend" us at our Facebook link at the bottom of this page. You can see the current events and whatever else is going on around "Bad Dog Country." And when you're ready to start you're bull riding career, contact us and we'll help you "Git Yer Buck On!"

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