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September 26th, 2016

The Latest and Greatest from Bad Dog Rodeo

Things have been going pretty well lately except for our back pen man, Stick McCall getting his leg broke at the Bob Preece bull riding... It was a pretty good compound fracture to his lower left leg but he'll survive. He'll be out for a few weeks so, having said that, we're putting on a benefit bull riding to help him out until he can get back to work.

We got a call from Rob Smetts and he's looking to do another bull fighting school here on November 11th through the 13th. If you're interested you can contact Rob @ (325)370-8020 or Miles Hare @ (281) 515-5352 for more details and cost. Rob is also trying to get a bull riding school in conjunction, but that is still in the works so we'll hold off advertising that for now.  That's all the news we have for the moment so, as usual... ride hard and we'll see ya'll down the road!

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Who we are

Here at Bad Dog Rodeo we not only buy, sell and trade bucking bulls, we also provide a practice pen for for both new and seasoned bull riders to practice. In addition, we also encourage young and experienced bull fighters to come out and work their skills as far as "cowboy protection." We have folks like Stick McCall and Chris Hammack that have been in the bull riding industry for over 20 years so we have plenty of experience to help both bull riders and bull fighters.


If you'de like to keep up with what we're doing then "friend" us at our Facebook link at the bottom of this page. You can see the current events and whatever else is going on around "Bad Dog Country." And when you're ready to start you're bull riding career, contact us and we'll help you "Git Yer Buck On!"